About Us

Globe Zone Logistics takes pride in its international affiliations with Log-Net and FNC Network, ensuring robust coverage with trustworthy agents worldwide. We cater to a diverse range of partners, from small enterprises to large multinational corporations, delivering high-quality logistical services.

Your Reliable Logistics Partner

Globe Zone Logistics stands as an international freight service provider, dedicated to meeting all local and international cargo movement requirements. Within the Middle East, we’ve established ourselves as a beacon of reliability, offering a spectrum of logistics services encompassing Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Packing and Storage, Warehousing and Distribution, Project Cargo Handling, and Customs Clearance.

Our Core Values

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Our Approach

Understanding your project's intricacies is pivotal. We analyze your needs to design solutions that ensure the right cargo movement, the most efficient routes, and a customs clearance strategy that expedites shipment clearance without delays or penalties. Our guidance on documentation mitigates risks of delays.

Our Network

Our extensive network of sub-service providers, affiliated offices, and experienced associates bolsters our ability to offer excellent transport services, particularly in road freights, warehousing, and distribution. Aligned strategically across various supply chain points, both locally and internationally.

Our Commitment

Committed to delivering services worldwide, available 24/7, and ensuring 100% safe deliveries, Globe Zone Logistics remains a trusted name in the UAE's logistics landscape. Our pledge is to offer top-tier services at the most competitive rates, safeguarding your cargo's journey anywhere across the globe.

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